3 Women Kidnapped, Gang-Raped 23-Yr Man For 3 Days & Threw Him Semi-Naked To Die


The world is changing a lot, for good and for bad as well. Women are still considered a weaker sex but there are few women who can’t be classified as weak anymore; in fact, they are the ones from whom their male counterparts need to remain cautious.

Till now, if we come across most of the rape incidents, it is understood that the victim must be a female and the accused will be a man but the situation can be a little different too. Believe it or not, men also get raped and one such incident has taken place in South Africa where a young guy of 23 yrs has been gang-raped by 3 women.


This youngster is from Nellmapius‚ east of Pretoria, and his bad time started when on Friday, he hired a taxi from Solomon Mahlangu Drive to Pretoria CBD. Other than the driver, three young women were also present in the taxi, as reported by TimesLive. The driver suddenly changed the route and the young guy was asked to come and sit in front and one of the ladies injected him an unknown liquid after which he became unconscious.

The South African police is searching for the three women who allegedly gang-raped the man for three days after they had drugged him. Colette Weilbach, the South African Police Service Captain, said,

“He stated that he woke up in an unfamiliar room on a single bed. The female suspects then allegedly forced the man to drink an energy drink before taking turns raping him numerous times a day.”


He was later left in a field to die, half naked; fortunately, he stopped a passing car. The police has started the hunt for those three women and it has assured that the culprits would definitely be brought to law.

Such kinds of incidents certainly raise a question on the existence of humanity. Are people so blind in lust that they don’t care about a human life and want to satisfy their cravings, by hook or by crook?

#Disgusting #Shame


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