French Website Reported SRK’s Death In Plane Crash! SRK Fans Will Hate French Media After Knowing Truth!


The King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan is no more, as he got killed in a plane crash in Paris.

Don’t worry! This has not happened in reality and it’s just another fake news, which is going viral on the social media networks. If social media can be used for good purposes, it can also be used for evil means; one of these is spreading the celebrity death hoax and SRK is the latest victim.

Shockingly, a French website Elpais TV has actually posted this fake news and as per media reports, the French Civil Aviation Authority has not only condemned the incident but also issued a statement. According to the fake report, SRK was going for a business meeting in a Gulfstream G550 Jet along with his personal assistant and some other people. Just after few hours of his daughter’s birthday, he died in a plane crash.


Whoever has made up this report has done a commendable job, as it looks absolutely real and authentic. Mentioning the flight number and France Civil Aviation Authority in addition to the use of important words, such as investigation and official statement provides more strength to the report.

Fans of King Khan got into a panic state and started expressing shock and sorrow at the fake news of SRK’s death. This resulted in a state of confusion and chaos, which could have been avoided if people had done some research before reacting and sharing the hoax. Shah Rukh is completely fine and healthy, so there’s nothing for the fans to worry about!

This is not the first time and such incidents have taken place earlier too when Baba Ramdev and late Vinod Khanna became the victims of celebrity death hoax.

Shah Rukh Khan must be having this reaction after he came to know about the hoax:


What do you have to say about the hoax? Did you also contribute in spreading it?


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