Sunny Leone Trolled for Adoption: What It Says About Us



The internet, as is well known, is a playground for trolls and negative comments. Any deed – good or bad – comes with a barrage of opinions from people who know no better. While it’s best to ignore the riffraff, on another note, it lays bare the deeply insecure, sexist and misogynistic nature of some of those addicted to social media.

Normally, one would assume that adopting a destitute child is a noble act that deserves all the praise, right? Wrong. In the world of social media, anything you do gets judged, misjudged and misinterpreted. Especially if you are a celebrity.

The latest victim is Sunny Leone who joined other B-town mums like Sushmita Sen and Raveena Tandon, when she decided to adopt her baby girl, Nisha. Sunny and her husband Daniel Weber, decided to adopt the baby from Latur in Maharashtra almost two years ago, and after all the legal trouble of adoption, the little one finally entered the Leone household last week. While most people are ooo-ing and aww-ing about the new entrant in the couple’s life, there are some who have decided to speak otherwise.

Take a look at some of the most bizarre reactions from trolls on Twitter:

And these are some of the more ‘decent’ remarks made on the subject. Others were unprintable. From questioning her ability to become a mum to the gender of the child to shockingly racist remarks on the baby, the trolls had a field day.

So why has such a good act by Sunny become a subject of derision? Blame it on the petty mindsets of  people who still judge her by her previous career in the adult film industry. One might dismiss these remarks as the misinformed opinion of bigots whose comments deserve no attention but look at it the other way: it also reflects the thinking of a large section of society.

Sunny has had to face tremendous criticism ever since she made her debut in Bollywood with her past constantly raked up. Thus far she has displayed nerves of steel, going about her work in a dignified and professional manner, never picking a bone with those who deride her. In the process she has often won the support of liberal, right-thinking people. For instance, a few months ago, when a noted news anchor repeatedly brought up her past in an interview and tried to rile her, she was applauded for responding to his sexist remarks in a calm, sensible manner.

Unfortunately, while there have been supporters, the detractors are many as well. It takes a serious amount of prejudice to talk about a baby in a derogatory manner thus showing that for all the chatter about empowerment and choice, ultimately a woman is still judged by different parameters. The internet, has merely given such biases a voice. From the topic on Priyanka’s legs when she met with PM Modi, to slamming cricketer Irfan Pathan and his wife for showing her arms, trolls haven’t left a single stone unturned in putting down women in some way or the other.

Being one who has never cared about what people have had to say, Sunny Leone will certainly brush this one off too. And that’s how it should be. If anything, she has once again proved she is a cut above the rest and an inspiration to emulate.

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