This Girl Received A Dirty Message On Facebook. What She Did Next Is Something That Every Girl Should Do


Facebook has become the breeding ground for perverts and so-called dudes, who feel they can walk away with whatever fuss they create and still be proud of it. No, this is surely not going to happen anymore.

Inbox of the girls might be bombarded with nuisance messages from the proclaimed “Facebook Aashiqs” But it will stop only when, we take up the charge not to withstand it.

P.S – Girls may do the same things, we are not gender biased.

So, when this guy Sourabh Taneja messaged Jayashree Ojha, asking to have some fun together which will be highly private. She decided to have a little more fun with the guy and get as many people involved into the “Fun Party” publicly. She posted that chat on her Facebook wall and that has already received more than 2000 Shares. That guy is already popular now.


Is this really the way a person should message to a girl?


Boys if you want to impress or befriend a girl, just respect her – That is like more than enough.

Otherwise such messages are only going to make you “Popular”. Nothing Else.


Moral of the Story : Both men and women should respect each other. Otherwise, there’s no End to it.

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