This Is Why You Should Stop Taking Your Phone In The Toilet! It Can Create A Lot Of Troubles!


Smartphones have become a very important accessory for us and we just can’t imagine our lives without the same! Agree? In fact, it is the first thing that we check after waking up in the morning and the last thing to check before sleeping. Not only this, some people are in the habit of taking their smartphones with them in the toilet too, which is absolutely not a good idea. If you remember, earlier people used to take newspapers or magazines with them just to utilize the time they would spend in loo. The newspapers have been replaced by smartphones now and we will enlighten you as to why you should not take your phones with you in the toilet.


Dropping the phone:



First of all, there is always a chance that you can drop your phone:


And this will be the final place from where you will have to pick it up:


You might end up spreading harmful bacteria and viruses:

Secondly, there are good chances that you spread harmful viruses and bacteria if you take your phone into the toilet.

Dr Anchita Karmakar told SBS,

“Even if you’re not using your phone on the toilet, you’re still holding it while you’re going in and out of the bathroom, and that’s enough to put bacteria on the phone when you haven’t yet washed your hands.”


Dr. Karmakar further tells,

“There are water and air particles that harbour in the little creases of the phone. And phone covers and cases are usually made out of rubber, which is a warm and comfortable harbouring ground for bacteria.”

As per WedM, bacteria such as E.coli, campylobacter, shigella and salmonella and viruses such as staph and gastro are spread by a person who takes phone in the toilet. It creates a huge possibility of the person getting sick as well as making others sick.

Your phone can get wet:


One more reason as to why you should not take your phone in the toilet is that when you are done, you will keep your phone somewhere and flush and there are chances that the tiny droplets could flow upwards and can touch your phone or the surface on which your phone is kept.


This is what Dr Ackerley said,

“Spray could travel around six feet from the flush. That’s why you shouldn’t leave your toothbrush close to the toilet.”

Well, Dr. Ackerley is concerned about the toothbrush but the phone also needs to be saved from the spray.

Besides, phones should also be avoided while eating as a person touches the screen with fingers and then those fingers are used for eating, which facilitates transfer of germs in a pretty good manner.

So don’t take your phones into the toilet and don’t use them while eating. What’s more, keep disinfecting your phones at regular intervals and do wash your hands before leaving the toilet as well as after touching someone else’s mobile phone.

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